Summer Groove Fusion:

Dance + Yoga + Meditation + Reiki

with Anne Michiko Tangi

July 28th, 2019| 2:00-4:00pm      Register here for July 28 @$20

August 11,2019| 2:00-4:00pm  Register here for August 11 @$20

Come raise the vibration with Anne Michiko Tangi during this delicious, soulful experience fusing dance, yoga, meditation and Reiki.  We will groove to an eclectic playlist of jams from around the globe, blending creative movement exercises with simple choreographed sequences.  In this playful, safe space, we’ll celebrate life together in a supportive community while embracing our unique rhythms and flavors.  After dancing our hearts out, we will cool down the pace with nourishing yoga postures.  Anne will then guide you through a meditation to help you sink into deep relaxation and will offer you Reiki energy healing to rejuvenate you for the rest of your day.

This safe space welcomes all movers!  No experience necessary.  Wear comfortable clothing (example: gym clothes).  This is a shoe-free environment.

Throughout her services, Anne applies the concept that with intention, all things can serve as tools to connect us to the most radiant expressions of ourselves. She uses her favorite practices (dance, creative movement, yoga, meditation, energy work, affirming language, introspection, laughter and music) to create holistic experiences that help clients connect with themselves and one another, tap into their freedom and celebrate who they are.

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The People’s Practice:

 Yoga + Meditation + Movement +Voice

with Rodney Henry 

The Peoples Practice uses ancient methods to employ breath, sound and movement stilling the mind and liberating the body. Connect and flow through this practice of mindful movement based on the foundations of your indigenous nature within.

August 17,2019| 2:00-4:00pm  Register here for August 17 @$20


Finding The Queen Within

Be seen. Be heard

connect the sister circle experience

with Shay Dazzle Emcee

August 3rd, 2019| 2:00-5:00pm     

 Register here @$35

The purpose of the Circle is to provide a safe space for women to gather where they will feel Heard. Seen. Validated and supported.

The Queen Within Experience offers a wonderful environment where you will be connected with others that walk a similar path as yours and allows one to be immersed in the building of sisterhood bonds!