Gooneybee yoga collective

During my 500hr yoga certification, I became so devoted to assisting yogis on their journeys, that I opened my own yoga studio. With the collective, the studio will serve as a supportive space for new and advanced teachers to connect and share the gift of wellness with the community. My intention is to create a community open to different style of yoga that help us all be creative.

Yoga offers a chance to relax, strengthen and stretch. Through yogic breathing, asanas and relaxation techniques we want to be part of enhancing your well-being both on the mat and in your everyday life.

I know what it feels like to be excluded because I look different. I never thought I’d feel that way in yoga. So I felt empowered to create a space where people of all colors, background and abilities could practice in a fun and safe way.

If you feel like you’re different and feel like you don’t belong, then you can always feel welcome here.

Welcome to the Gooneybee Yoga Collective!


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